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I recently got obsessed with STRIPES. I was looking these days in my wardrobe and I realized that I have quite a big number of items. I have dresses, blazers, t-shirts, blouses, skirts … I am missing some pants (on my wish list already).

Why do I love them?

Simply because they are always in. They are a must have in your closet, especially the t-shirt and blouse. So easy to combine to a skirt (especially the pencil ones), to jeans, to black pants, to shorts. This combination would guarantee a gorgeous and comfy look. By adding also some statement jewelery (especially a statement necklace) you are guaranteed an absolutely FAB look.

For a very lazy after work evening, I choose to wear a simple sporty outfit, so I combined red stripes with black ones, a pair of jeans, and converse.

Sushi heart

heart necklace and stripes

fortune cookie Red Converse Striped Shirt and scarf

Red Converse-2

Rising moon in Vienna

Striped scarf and blue cardigan

Viennese street

Zara Jeans& Cardigan/H&M Top& Scarf/ Converse

Photos by Michael Eichert

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