Dear Readers,

I’m sorry it took so long to get back behind my laptop and write to you! I can excuse myself by saying I’ve been super busy (which I was). But the truth is, I wasn’t sure what to share with you. Even now, I don’t know really know, but when I opened the blog and saw all your comments, I felt like sharing a topic that’s kind of stressing me at the moment.

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, I’m getting married this summer (yipiyayee). I’ve been dreaming and waiting for this moment since I was six years old. And now it’s finally happening!

The wedding will take place in less than six months and we have almost nothing prepared. We have a photographer, a wedding planner and that’s it! Up until two weeks ago I had no problem with that. I kept on being optimistic by telling myself: “there’s still enough time” (which I still believe there is). But I started to panic about the wedding dress. For a very long time I had a dress in mind. But I started to realise the chance of me wearing that dress on our wedding day is a huge number…. with a minus in front! Not going to happen! I could off course buy the dress (just €7,000), but 1) I’m not rich, nor are my parents, nor is my future husband; 2) I find it ridiculous to pay so much money for a dress you only get to wear once (hopefully); 3) I would really like to create a dress by myself!

So I started searching the internet and especially Pinterest to find inspiration. One thing I now realise…. I understand why some women turn into Bridezillas! I always said I won’t be like that, but slowly I think I’m turning into one. There’s absolutely NOTHING I like!!! And believe me, I’m usually very quick in deciding what I want and I go ahead and buy. So, as of March I’m planning to start the sewing process of the dress. I do feel a bit under pressure. In the meantime I will keep searching Pinterest in the hope of finding the right inspiration. Wish me luck!!!

So much for my first crisis… expect many more to come! 😉

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