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The only thing I have been talking in the past couple of months is my wedding. My friends might be bored of it, but until this Project is finished I will not rest. This is why I thought of sharring with you the things that happen to me on the way and that you should know.

Let’s first start with 5 things you should know when starting to plan your wedding:

  1. You will keep on changing your mind all over again again about the deco, flowers, invitations,etc. At least one thing stays constant – your MAN (hopefully)
  2. Your parents might have always imagined a different type of wedding for their daughter and will try to express it directly or indirectly. At first it will annoy you and furstrate you, but with time you will know how not to let it affect you.
  3. You and your man have different understandings and expectations of who does what how and by when. I almost cancelled the wedding couple of times because my man simply did not do how or when I wanted him to do something. We ladies have bigger expectations and tend to complicate things more than men do.
  4. Not everyone will see/ understand your vision for this day. Don’t let yourself be affected. Even if it sounds egoistic (I know some people think that of me regarding this big day) but it is your DAY and you should have it as you wish no matter of the wishes of the other ones. So, if you feel like having a small wedding, vegetarian wedding, or whatever, JUST HAVE IT! Your friends and family come to celebrate and be next to you on that special day, not to eat their favorite dish.
  5. Even if you have a wedding planner, you will stress quite a lot and wished you just did it all yourself, but remeber this is the BRIDEZILLA talking. Having a wedding planner, a GOOD wedding planner, will make these arrangements easier and your stress will be less.

The list could go on to no. 100 most likely, but these are the main one I felt like sharing here today. Most likely in one month from now I will add more points here.

To all married ladies out there- share with us your experiences! Help us “survive” this period!


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