I love cooking and I do it with pleasure on the weekends. For me cooking always implied many hours spent in the kitchen, a lot of mess around me, and in a big need of creativity of what new to cook today.

Lucky me, my dear Carmen has discovered her passion for cooking and she is getting better and better everyday. Talking to her and hearing all the time the delicious meals that she is spoiling my brother with, amaze me. Apart from this, she has an 8 hours job (like most of us do) , and still she manages to come home and cook a tasty dish without spending the night in the kitchen.

In addition to this, I had many times the pleasure to taste her food, and it is DELICIOUS!
thus, many of the people that care about her (including myself) have been encouraging her to start her blog, where she can share with all of us who love food and to whom the time is very precious, how to cook quick and tasty, innovative on a daily basis.

Check out her Kitchen on the 10th floor 🙂




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