I just had an interesting discussion about where we all thought we are going to be at a certain point in time. Looking back at our parents history, most of us should be married, maybe having a kid or two, having a clear vision of how their life will look like…

Being in all this continuously changing and developing environment, focusing on our personal/ professional development…the way I thought my life would be at 26 is completely different that how it is…

But no reasons to complain about how it actually turned out to be 🙂

I will not bore you here with details, but I thought of sharing with you my “thought of the day” 🙂 and the most cozy outfit during a hot day.

Does your life look now the way you thought it will when you wore 15???



I am wearing:
Promod Blouse
H&M Shorts& Bag
Six Accessorizes
Vintage Sandals




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