We keep complaining about the things that we do not like, that make our life “a hell on earth” but we do not look at the good things, nor on how we can turn the bad things in our favor. We have to put a stop to all the “complaining” and take actions to have the life that we wish for.

I realized recently that I got lost in certain aspects of my life and kept complaining over and over again…and only complaining!!! But now this came to an end (don’t ask me “how come” because I will not have an answer- it just happened)

Now is the action time!!! Getting back on track with the things that I love and care about…

What can be more enjoyable than following your dreams, your passions, doing your hobbies next to your friends, family, and love???

This is my Monday resolution!!! 🙂


I am wearing:

Vero Moda Dress
H&M Bag
Forever 21 Accessorizes


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