STOP! This is what my closet, my wallet, my head, and my heart are screaming for quite some time!

My house is over crowded with stuff, mainly clothes, shoes, bags, jeweleries. I do not have space anymore, but I still keep on buying!!!

You all know the feeling , don’t you?

I know we all girls dream of having lots of pieces to wear, and always look new, interesting, fabulous. This is what the shops, the magazines, the fashionistas promote, and they do a hell of a good job.

I do enjoy going through the last edition of Vogue, walking on Mariahilferstrasse, checking Asos, Zalando, the fab favorite blogger. They are all inspiring me in creating new outfits, new combination, new trends, by providing the latest news on the Fashion market and the “must have” pieces.

But, I want to make some space for the existing pieces to breath, I am going on a shopping diet. For the next 2 months, I will not buy any new piece. If at any point I will want something new, I will do it myself and grandly share with you.

If I want a new necklace, I will do one handmade (as we do for Atelier PreciouZ), if I want a dress…I will keep on sewing it myself (this activity relaxes me, and I have tons of unused materials at home).
Plus, I have decided during the cleaning up, before I throw anything away, I will have a “Margarita Evening” with my friends, and let them choose something for themselves first.

So ladies, wish me good luck and let my willpower go through this test!!!

Shopping Diet Look-5

Shopping Diet Look-4

Shopping Diet Look-3

Shopping Diet Look-2


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