True Fruits Smoothies


I have made a new discovery last week in the field of smoothies. I loved smoothies and are one of the basic “ingredients” for my breakfasts. Yet, I always thought the good ones are just the ones that I always did at home. I doubt very much the smoothies you can buy in shops or they give you in restaurants. But doing every morning your own smoothie when you are running late to the office is not possible. Also I thought maybe doing it in the evening but nooooo – all the vitamins are losing their benefits- so again dilemma!!! How can I ensure I get my vitamins while not being under stress every morning? Well here True Fruits Smoothies come in.

I hear a lot about them but never tried it. I always thought they are just another brand that claims to be all natural while is all fool of chemicals. Well, last week I got a package with their whole range to try out. First of all, I was delighted with their little cute bottles and designs. I loved that they have it market on the bottle how much of each ingredient it is inside ๐Ÿ™‚ ย gives me ideas to when I do my own smoothies. Second, I loved the tastes…I have some favorites of course and some less favorites (the green one- hihi) but all of them have a distinctive yet yummy taste.

And now comes third part, are they really pure naturals? and YES, checked the back of their label, checked their website and indeed they have no conservators.

Black Cat True Fruits Smoothies True Fruits Smoothies True Fruits Smoothies True Fruits SmoothiesThank you for the smoothies True Fruits, I love them ๐Ÿ™‚



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