"Vintage look"


A kinda Vintage Look I tried to put together yesterday. Mainly because of this super cool coat that I got from Zara last year. I purchased it at Sale and I use it ever since, and it is one of my all-time favourites. I like the material, shape and the design of it. It gives a vintage look to my outfits. Everywhere I have been people asked me where it is from. Not too many believed me. (haha)

As the coat was the “IT” piece of the outfit, I went for the rest in a black and burgundy tones. Very simple outfit, perfect for some office hours (you might question the length of the skirt for the office – but in my job/industry is allowed).

As for the shoes I am wearing – I got them from Barcelona and I fell in love with their design but damn they are uncomfortable!!! It works for a couple of hours, but if you have to walk in them the whole day then it is hard! I seldom find a shoes in which I am always super comfortable. They all seem so nice at the beginning. I always tell myself “yes!!! This are the shoes!!!” so that a couple of days later I realize that they are not. Can you recommend me some brands which you know that they won’t give me these problems? What are your “go to” shoes?

"Vintage look" "Vintage look" "Vintage look" "Vintage look"

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