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I shared with you some time ago one first post showing you a bit behind ApreciouZ Brand (here) and promise to come back with more. I decided to start with the beginning, where everything started.

For 3 months I am self-employed and living my dream. Together with my ex-boyfriend (in the meantime we’ve split up) I started the brand ‘ApreciouZ’. It started out more as a hobby, doing something I liked doing and learning new things satisfying my curiosity. We were super happy to see that from the beginning we received a lot of attention and interest. Only five months after starting we were chosen to showcase our jewellery at the Vienna Fashion Week Bloggers Choice thanks to sweet Vicky from BikinisandPassports. I remember not believing it when she first asked us to participate. For every fashionista the fashion weeks always were and still are one of the main events to see new trends and get inspired. So imagine how happy I was!!!

We then started to look into different fairs organised throughout Austria to showcase our jewellery. This was a completely new fields for us. We didn’t know where to go and how to get our name ‘out there’. We simply followed our instincts and love for what we were doing. Remembering our first fair taking place in Innsbruck…..

Long story short- it was a two day fair so we went by car 1 day before. The night before the fair we went out for dinner and some drinks. In the morning when we woke up and wanted to open our car and drive to the fair (all our fair stuff were in the car), we realized we lost the car keys. What to do? Called OMTC and asked for their help. They came in 15minutes and tried to open, but our car was “too smart”. It had double protection system that even the special technology from OMTC could not open it. The only thing left to do was for one of us to travel to Vienna and pick up the spare key from the apartment.

If it only was that easy…

Guess what? Also the house keys were in the car!!! Luckily, the OMTC guy had a great idea and created out of metal a hook and tried to pull the window a bit from the side (just enough for the metal stick to fit) and took the house keys out. I will always be thankful to that Mr.  Next thing we run to the train station to get a ticket for one of us to go there and come back with the spare key. But on such a short notice the tickets were so expensive that we thought of the followings scenario:

1. we give the key to the train driver that goes to Vienna

2. we ask a friend to go to Westbanhof and pick up the keys from the driver

3. she goes in the apartment picks up the spare key

4. brings it back to the next driver that comes back to Innsbruck

5. we pick it up at midnight from the train station

And so we did and it worked perfectly. We were so lucky with all the great people that helped us out! Without them it would have been way more difficult. We lost one day of the fair but,  we had a great Saturday exploring Innsbruck. On Sunday for the first time we arrived at the fair arranged our table and realized how many things were missing. We took notes and learned from the other exhibitors from there to know better for the next time. And we got loads of feedback and met great people!

At the end of the day we had smiles on our faces and drove happily back to Vienna looking forward to what was there to come…

to be continued….


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