Enjoying life is the best thing on Earth! Such a simple thing and yet so vital. Everybody enjoys life in their way and have different things that make them happy, and this is good. The only thing that we need to be aware of is knowing exactly what is the thing that makes US happy. We often fall in life’s “traps” of being/ assuming to be happy by doing things that the society, parents, friends, environment wants from us, and this is normal that sometimes we get lost a bit on the way 🙂 But the important thing is to find the way back to ourselves and to really discover how we enjoy life.

I love taking the time with my friends talking, laughing, dancing, arguing, making fun, as well as I love spending the time alone reading a book, creating a dress or a piece of jewelry, or spending time in the arms of my bf watching a movie, debating about men vs woman views, or simply not doing anything.

This is why, I really enjoyed the visit of our beloved Diane (jumping around wasa lot of fun, taking into consideration that Michael made us repeat it several times)

What to you enjoy doing? What things make you feel complete?

crazy colors

crazy colors-13

crazy colors-12

crazy colors-14

crazy colors-9

crazy colors-5

crazy colors-4

crazy colors-2

MTNG Shoes/ H&M Pants/ Mango Bag/ MOODY’S Pullover


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