Before going in my short vacation, I wanted to share with you some pictures…
As I told you in a previous post, I have been celebrating with my friends last weekend my B-day in a Karaoke bar. We had for sure a looooot of fun, don’t know how about the rest of the people in the bar tho. I have some videos, but believe me, I am doing you a favor not sharing them with you.
I just have a dilemma…the point of karaoke isn’t of embarrassing yourself and “competing” with the other horrible voices in the bar? I do not understand why do you go there if you are a hidden talent and have an incredible good voice? you are just killing the fun for the rest of us. Well, anyway, this is my frustration…
Back to the pictures…. Unfortunately I did not have a too big choice as we all look very unattractive while singing and my friends would kill me if they would see the pics made public 🙂
PS: in case you are wondering what shoes I am wearing: ankle boots, same color as the shirt 🙂



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