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When I am on holiday it’s hard for me to always have the outfits I like or want for each day. Even when I pack in advance and pack according to a structure, I still don’t manage to satisfy all my outfit ‘mood swings’. That’s why lately I decided to pack only ‘classical’, ‘simple‘ pieces that can easily be combined. I also used to carry along many pairs of shoes, with and without heels, but ending up only wearing one pair. At the same time, I missed having my ‘running shoes‘ with me, because my feet were in pain and I just wanted to have a comfortable day of walking around the city. Having all this travel experience, I’m proud of the way I pack now.

I only pack two pair of jeans (black & blue), a leather jacket, some basic white or jeans shirts, a black dress, a pair of high heel boots (not too high), Nike Free Runners and some simple t-shirts and pullovers. I can easily combine all these pieces, from a casual ‘walk-through-the-city‘ outfit during the day to a nicer ‘drinks-in-the-bar‘ outfit for the evening. 

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