Turban and off shoulder blouse
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I am back in cold Vienna and missing like crazy the warmth of UAE where I wore the whole time my bikinis, off shoulder blouses, silk pants, and turban. I know that generally I would not walk around like this on the street or open beach, but as we wore in a resort I could wear almost whatever I wanted.

I went one day, together with  my boyfriend, in a mall and looking around, I did not see too many women being dressed up in their classical outfit. Most of them wore dressed up normally, just covering their shoulders and knees (and everything in between of course). There has been no moment where I felt uncomfortable or watched. I just dressed up accordingly (not like in these pictures) and I basically blended in.

Have you been to UAE? What is your experience?

 Turban and off shoulder blouse Turban and off shoulder blouse Turban and off shoulder blouse


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