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Last weekend I did a short visit to my brother and his girlfriend in Prague. She turned the “Dirty Thirty” and we had to celebrate it. It was a delightful weekend with loads of food, coffee, chit-chat, and a lot of jokes about getting old. I should have taken care with all my jokes around that because soon it will be my turn and if I have to “pay” for all my teasing this weekend…it will be painful then.

But back to my outfit, because it is an outfit post and I shall tell you why I chose this very casual yet perfect for traveling outfit. Well, I just needed something comfy for the 4h bus ride and still to look fashionable. What can be easier for that than a pair of jeans with sneakers (the funky twitch that is very much “in” now) combined with a silk animal print blouse?

Travelling Outfit Travelling Outfit Travelling Outfit Travelling Outfit

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