You know that teddy that you got it in your childhood and that was next to you in all important moments of your life? Who has been at each party with you, in every holiday, slept next to you every night, played with you, and never missed one moment next to you?

Well, we all have our teddy that will be treasured forever. Unfortunately it comes the time when we have to say good-bye to him and thank for his “friendship”. We put him somewhere on a shelve, in a box that is long time forgotten, leave it in a place that we never look at… yet, we never forget him. It is the only toy we will remember forever!

I love to go through the memory boxes once in a while. To read the letters that I received along the years, to see some pictures from the times that are long forgotten, and to see him…my Teddy.

This time I took him for a walk in the park (as we used too) to fill him in about my life so far, and relieve the “friendship” that we had.

*he is a damn good listener also (sometimes I wish my girls had a bit of this too) hihi

havingfunlikeakidwiththeteddywearingvintageshirt jeanshotpantswithmintshirt red lipstik and mint shirt statement pink necklace from hm Teddy Bear hm jeans shorts and vintage shirt happy teddy bear together with teddy bearTeddy Bear watching out for me

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Photos by Michael Eichert


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