I always dreamed (and I still do) of having a life as in fairy tale. I love the long elegant dresses (though I cannot imagine how they survived in those periods without air conditioning and with so much material on them), walking around the castle, traveling from place to place with the carriages.
Always when I see an old kind of building, that has some similarities with the “castle of my dreams” I must take some photos 🙂 and this was the case with these doors 🙂
Stumbled upon them in Frankfurt next to a very futuristic building (interesting contrast)
The “photo shooting” part being done, we spent the rest on the day next to the river reading (my BF a book about body language and me “Cosmopolitan“), eating sushi and debating the interesting stories in both sources. A pair of shorts and a silky blouse seamed to be the best choice (and it still felt too hot).
Did you know that the way we couples hold hands determines who has “the pants on” (as my BF likes to say) in the relationship?

I am wearing:
H&M Shirts and Shorts
Zara Sandals
Six Bracelets




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