I was not kidnappend nor did I give up my hobby and passion. I am simply enjoying a short trip with my boyfriend in Italy!!!!

Being the whole day on the beach and in the evening enjoying the italian life, it is a bit impossible to Blog 🙁 I can only Hope for your understanding!!!


  • Doc

    Fiz o meu 10º e 11º nessa escola em 1984/5 e foi com muita tristeza que no passado sábado vi o estado em que a escola se encontra. Vidros partidos, algumas janelas fechadas a tijolo, etaoCbrcço,Aarl.s Caetano


    While I hold no brief for AGW and the idea of CO2 being the cause of GW, I wonder if, allowing for change in the value of the dollar, FDR’s expenditures for job creation in the 1932-34 period (e.g. the NRA and the CCC) would fare any better.

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