Stripped Dress
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I was cleaning my camera earlier and stumbled upon these pictures I took on the last day of 2015 in the north of Holland. I don’t know what was in my head when I decided to wear this stripped dress for a walk on that day but I guess not too much thinking did I do that day. Of course the day after I was sick with fever for a whole week. Sometimes (many times) after getting out of the door I am thinking “what was in my head” … I guess not too much at that point or maybe I thought I could trick my body.

Still, I am not the craziest one believe me. I saw girls nowadays when there are like -8 degrees outside wearing skinny ripped jeans with the Adidas Smith sneakers. Yet it looks cool but really now? Aren’t you freezing to death like that?

PS: I did wear a jacket, I just took it off for the pictures. Do not go outside on minus degrees without being very warm dressed up!

Stripped Dress Stripped Dress Stripped Dress Stripped DressZara: Dress // ApreciouZ: Necklace // Humanic: Boots

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