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Today (with a small delay) I will share with you my experience in the safari. If you follow me on the Social Media channels, you already know that two weeks ago I escaped to the nice weather in UAE. There I spent most of my time in the complex where we wore staying, but here and there we could organize some “escapes”. One of them and the best one was the safari trip.

We went in the afternoon to the camp. There we got on our quads and together with the guide we went off in the safari, basically in the middle of nowhere. It was soooo amazing to drive there. Quite, empty, mystical. We made a stop on an open field to drink something cold and enjoy the desert. The only think we could hear was the wind. I literally cannot describe you the feeling. I can just say it was amazing.

After two hours we returned to the camp to watch the sundown, got some henna tattoos, had a belly dancing show, and ate some delicious yummy food. We also had the option to ride a camel, but honestly they looked so poor that I even asked the people around there not to go on them, not even for a picture. For me being vegetarian was anyway a no go.

Overall I can tell you that it was by far the best part of our trip in UAE and I would do it all over again. Just next time, we will stay in the camp in safari and not in a fancy resort. 🙂

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