So…the full detailed version is online now 🙂
tam tam tam, tam tam…can u hear the drums in the background?! 
As I told to you Kalancea and A girls’ “Yabou” will have some featuring on the blogs from now on. What does this mean?
It’s simple: I love fashion, she loves fashion, I love to have pictures taken of my outfit ideas and so does she, I have my style, she has her style, I love reading about the new trends, she likes writing about them…do you get where am I going to?
I guess not… but I will tell you: we thought of having some collaboration between our blogs. Meaning, we will choose an item or a style and we will style it in our way and let you Fashionistas get inspired in accordance to your taste. We will also support each other in putting in practice each ones vision on the trends.
This is how we said to start:
(don’t get misleaded by our smily faces…we were freezing like hell!!! But what doesn’t a girl do for fashion? You know what I mean, don’t you?)

PS: Thank you baby for your shirt 🙂


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