NYPD - casual outfit


One more look from the NY holiday. Is the last one (or is it?)!

This door I found it two years ago when I went with my girl Andreea for her birthday there and I really wanted this time to do an ootd in front of it. I was not very sure where exactly was located but I hoped to be there where I thought it would and it was. So I asked my boyfriend to get out the camera and I started posing. Some police guys came in and out while I was doing the “I don’t look to the camera” look, but none of them seam to mind. Probably they are used to it. But back to my look… I don’t remember at which US blogger I saw this idea of leather skirt with sneakers that I liked and decided to try it out as well. I must say I really liked it. Maybe back home I would pair it with converse and some other sneakers too, but there those where the only pair of shoes I had. Also, contrary to all believes, it was the first time when I did not buy absolutely anything (except a map for my wall) from there. One of the first things everyone asks me after “how was it” is “what did you buy” and they seam t be very surprised that I did not buy anything. Am I such a shopacholic?  🙂

NYPD - casual outfit NYPD - casual outfit NYPD - casual outfit NYPD - casual outfit

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