Izavel Varela Behind the Scenes


One thing I want to talk to you about today, it is again  a post from NYC, but this time is not about me 🙂 This time I want to talk to you about this local designer that I met during the trip there. I will not tell you about how she does it and what she does. You can find all the details about her locally produced sustainable Fashion on her website here. I want to tell you about the person, Izavel.

To start with the beginning…when we decided to go for a holiday to NYC we immediately looked for some nice Airbnb places in Manhattan where to stay. Izavel’s place was one of the first that popped up and we decided that this is the place where we want to stay. The biggest reason was when I read that there are two nice upcoming designers living in the house. Being interested and operating in the field, it seamed to be like “it was meant to be”.

During our stay there, I got to meet the person and see how everything works. Izavel is such a charming and carrying person. Such an enthusiastic, creative, curious, and carrying person. It was so nice to see the heart that she puts into what she does and even if her schedule was full, she still had a smile on her face. She is very dedicated in getting the pieces exactly on the taste of her clients. I remember one day, the weather was not great and she had to hurry to work, yet she wanted to manage before it to find the right buttons that would fit to the dress and “gusto” of the lucky lady who ordered it. She creates sustainable pieces, classic, yet having a twist to make it look unique and make you stand out when wearing it.

I definitely fell in love with some pieces and I have some on my wish list. I will start now with one piece, and I am planing to increase my collection of her pieces. Can you guess which piece I want to order first?

Izavel Varela Behind the Scenes Izavel Varela Behind the Scenes Izavel Varela Behind the Scenes Izavel Varela Behind the Scenes Izavel Varela Behind the Scenes

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