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I really love my new haircut!

I have been letting my hair grow for a very long time and I loved the fact that it offered me so many hairstyle opportunities and also brought a lot of compliments. Yet, it started 2 months ago to annoy me every day more and more. I felt it was time for a change but to be honest I was so undecided if to do it or not.

I do not like the option in between. For me you either have long or short!

I thought, I asked around, I tried wigs, changed my mind MANY times and finally, when I was in Moldavia I took the final decision: short hair!!!

I must say was an amazing decision. I do not regret one moment doing it. I love the easiness of this hairstyle (quick wash, some beauty products and voila), the new flair that adds to my look, and the way it makes me feel!


What do you think? Does it suit me?

apreciouz bracelets green summer pants violet shoes

Denim shirt golden necklace short hair

green summer pants denim shirt yellow bag

golden necklace kalancea

Green silk pants at Casa Armatei

green silk pants denim shirt

yellow bag denim shirt

Zara Pants& Shoes/ C&A Shirt/ No name Bag/ H&M Necklace/ APreciouZ Rope Bracelets

Photos by Michael Eichert


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