I recently cleaned up my wardrobe and I threw away the things that I did not wear the last year at all! (this is the way to check what must stay and what must go, isn’t it?)

I found this Zara dress that I bought I think 4 years ago for a Summer party, and which I do not think I wore it ever after.  This is why it went to the “must go” box.

As the weather in Vienna was very warm in the weekend, my boyfriend decided to take me for a walk at Hermesvilla here in Vienna. Emperor Franz Josef I. gave the Villa as a present to his wife, Empress Elisabeth, as “castle of the dreams”. Lovely isn’t it?! The villa is located in “Lainzer Tiergarten” a beautiful retreat area in the west of Vienna.

I needed something easy, fresh, colourful, that lets my body breath for this hot day…and then I saw it … “staring” at me and asking me to take “her” out from the “must go” box.

I said to give “her” one more chance and I am happy that I did! Now she won back “her” place and hangs again in my wardrobe.


Don’t take out of this post that you should keep everything and not through away anything, NO NO NO!!! I am totally FOR keeping everything as easy and fresh as possible and be surrounded only by the thing you love, need, and use!

But sometime might happen (like this time to me) that you forget about something you love because you overlooked it so many times just because the “new” was more eye-catching.


silk turquoise summer dress

No! I am not pregnant, nor have a belly (at least not like the one in the picture) – it was just windy

Hermes Villa Vienna

silk dress turquoise hat

silk dress sunglasses turquoise hat

oriental sandals red nails

Hermes Villa Vienna cornfield

Zara Dress/ H&M Sunnies, Hat/ Humanic Sandals

Photos by Michael Eichert


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