Stumbeled upon these pics from some weeks ago that I took during a weekend getaway in Salzburg. I have been there many times and I like going any time I have the chance to. Since in the past two months due to the workload I barely had time to relax, I decided Salzburg is a good idea to get my bateries recharged. I spent the time there eating, eating, eating, and meeting friends. I arrived there on Saturday morning, and at the recommandation of my friend “Magic” (that is how I call her), we went for breakfast at M23. After a very looooong walk listening to Google Maps telling me “left” “right”, we finally managed. The first couple of minutes I was just admiring and picturing the view. Once done with the “photoshooting” we went in. Great deco, friendly atmosphere, and we were ready to order. We had two different type of Brunch menues (one healthy and one unhealthy) that sounded delicious. We did like it, but I would not call it as the best “brunch” I had. Maybe I was just expecting more because of the location and the fuss around it?

Yet, if you just want to have a nice drink in a great place and great view, I highly recomment M23 Salzburg. If you are looking for a delicious Brunch, I would look for a different place.

austrian semmel brunch at m23 salzburg m23 breakfast place salzburg salzburg m23 violet chairs view from m23 salzburg yellow tulips_

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