Some time ago, I did a short visit to my grandmother. She is a person that I love with all my heart and who made my summer holidays always a blast. I learned a lot from her, especially in the creative “department” (but more about this in the next post).

I wanted to share with you all the simplicity of life that she is having being happy and healthy.

I love spending time there to recreate, relax and recharge the batteries. The quietness, the fresh air, the  nature, the fresh food from the garden, and the feel of my grandmother around me offer all that.

In its simplicity you find a beauty that you might have never known. I know I do!

Cat at the porch

Daisy in a street

Doorway Moldova

Fountain Moldova

Lada Moldova

Pink Rose Moldova

Rose Moldova black soil

Sundown Moldova village bunica

Yellow Flowers Moldova

Photos by Michael Eichert


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