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It is another day and another outfit. I am spending the week in Bucharest helping out a dear friend of mine with the preparations for her wedding. All the days are just about running around and arranging things. This is why having a super easy and comfortable outfit is the key.

For me comfort consists in airy clothing pieces. Something that gives me mobility to do all kind of moves and not feel exposed or hold me back. Also the shoes play a super important role. For me they need to be flat (I have friends that feel comfy only in 10cm high heels) and as easy to put on and take of as possible. In Summer I love to wear the Birkenstocks and in Winter the Uggs. I know it is a love or hate relationship for both of them, and in my case I chose love.

And yes, not to forget the bag! Another important aspect when running errands. It needs to be huge!!! (for me at least)

These are the choices for a “running errands” kind of day.

Casual outfit Casual outfit Casual outfit Casual outfit Casual outfit

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