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Being first know and used as a costume for different sports, and later entering the runways, nowadays the jumpsuits are a statement piece that are almost in any woman’s closet. During the years they got different shapes, different colors, to satisfy any woman out there (no matter of the body shapes, colors, styles).

From the sporty jumpsuit that can be worn to a converse, or sandals for a walk, a barbeques day… to the elegant ones that together with some heels and some elegant accessorizes brings out the sensuality in any woman.

In this post I am wearing a “two in one jumpsuit”. What do I mean by that?

Matching it to a pair of Birkenstocks (or any flats) and some easy going statement accessorizes, it is the perfect outfit for any hot lazy day.

In the same time, if I will style it differently, I could wear for a chic night out to a restaurant/ cocktails with my boyfriend or my girls. I will do this combination soon and show you the other option. I promise!!!

So, the ones who do not have it yet, go out and find the right one for you. As I said, easy to combine, no need to spend hours thinking what to wear because you do not need to bother about “what shirt fits best to this  skirt/pants”, and nicely styled will take you out from “anonymity”.

APreciouZ Necklace Roses-2

Kalancea White Birkenstock Shoes-2

Kalancea White Casual Outfit

White one piece apreciouz accessories-2

Yippie Kalancea Bridge Innsbruck

Massimo Dutti Jumpsuit/ Birkenstock Shoes/ Pieces Bag/ APreciouZ Necklace/ H&M Sunnies

Photos by Michael Eichert


  • Elif

    Hey, bist du aus Innsbruck? Ich nämlich schon und auf manchen Bildern erkenne ich Innsbruck wieder 🙂 Auf dieser Brücke habe ich auch schon mal Outfitbilder machen lassen 🙂
    Habe dein Blog über die Otto Blogaward Seite entdeckt 🙂

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