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There is this nice place in the Old Bucharest that has a very delicious lemonade and a great relaxing atmosphere- French Bakery

Every time I am traveling home, I always go around and treat myself with some of their sweets and of course “The Lemonade“!

This is something I really miss here in Vienna, the real home-made lemonades that you have as an option almost in every place.

Also, I still did not find here a place where I can say that this is “my favorite place”, a place where you can feel like home, enjoy everything of it and be the first option in your mind when you want to have your coffee.

Do you have any suggestion of places that I should try here? Help me find “my coffee place” here in Vienna.

Flowers homemade lemonade French Bakery

APreciouZ bracelets Golden Circle & Rainbow

APreciouZ bracelets

French Bakery homemade lemonade

homemade lemonade kalancea summer

 Photos by Michael Eichert


    • Dana

      I love the header too 🙂 it is all Michael’s work! the new design and everything 🙂 I think he is an undiscovered “yet” good web designer 🙂
      I ve got almost none in Vienna. I really cannot find a place where I can drink a fresh properly made Lemonade 🙁
      Next time I am in Frankfurt, please bring me to one of the places that have it 🙂

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