I decided that at the age of 32 it is time to try out new things again.This time I decided to give it a go to a Hostel and share the room with strangers.

Just to sum up how I got there…last week I was in Berlin for Republica and decided to spend couple of days before that with my Hubby exploring Berlin. First we stayed together in a super cute Airbnb apartment and had some great days. We walked a lot, tried 6 different cuisines and enjoyed the city.

On Wednesday my Repubica days were starting so he left earlier . As I wanted to have something close to the event I looked around and found only super expensive hotels. In my search I got to this cute Hostel that looked very cool and hippstery so I decided to give it a try. I try something new and meet new people (this is what hostels are about anyway no?).

First day- all good so far! Spoke with some people, had some drinks, and got ready for bed. Felt a bit weird being in my PJ around strangers but got over it very quick. So far so good… until the alarm of someone rang at 5 in the morning (I guess they had to catch a flight early or something). I think to myself “Ok, it’s fine, it is as it is“. So I turn around on the other side and wish to continue with my dream. But little did I know that these individuals planned to do their luggage at that hour in the morning instead of doing it before going to bed. I tried to hold it back and pretend to be asleep but I couldn’t. They kept on packing and talking while doing that as if they were alone in the room. I had to say something and I did. They tried to keep it down after and I fell asleep quickly too. The same happened all the other nights. Yes, every person in my hostel room had to leave early and had to do their luggage in the morning! (I guess this is normal in a hostel, who knows)

But let’s say this was not the highlight of the story yet…Let me tell you about my last night there…when I had to fight with bed bugs!!! YES F****** BED BUGS!!! I woke up full with swollen bites all over my body. I complained to the reception and all they could say was “We are sorry for that. We have people traveling from all over the world and these things happen!“. I came home completely covered in bites, had to disinfect each of the bags I had with me (couldn’t take the chances to cary one home) and I am still recovering from the bites. So yes, if you ask me about my experience in a Hostel I would say – been there done that and NEVER  again!


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