As it has been and still is veeery cold in Vienna, my boyfriend and I have decided to go for one week to explore beautiful Sicily in the South of Italy. We flew to Trapani with Ryan Air, my boyfriend from Frankfurt Hahn and me from Bratislava. Should you also be a couple having a temporary long-distance relationship, we suggest you try it out something like this also yourself. Instead of one coming to the other, just meet in some new place together! 😉
The weather was incredibly warm in Trapani and as November is off season we had a really relaxing time there. On our day trip with our sweet Fiat 500 to San Vito Lo Capo I was wearing a pair of boyfriend denim shorts combined with over knee socks. For our walk on the beach the burgundy cardigan was the perfect item. It was the right combination for the warming sun and the fresh wind.
These amazing pictures are from our first day in Sicily at San Vito Lo Capo………..there are more posts to come from our Trapani trip! 🙂
kalancea with burgundy cardigan at a window door
elegant black over knee socks with denim shorts   Trapani Sicily Fiat 500 Kalancea
Son Vito Lo Capo Sicily kalancea at the sea
Son Vito Lo Capo kalancea in the sea
Sitting at the promenade at Son Vito Lo Capo


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