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We all need an escape once in a while from the busy crazy city life. We need to escape from the people running left and right, from the entire car’s noise, traffic jams and all the rest… The best way to do it is to go on an empty island, deserted place, or on top of a mountain. As these options are not so easy to reach, I had to think of something more tangible for me. Therefore I decided to have a walk through the hills surrounding Vienna. It was sunny outsize and quite, just what I was looking for. You might ask yourself “why do I have pictures during my escape time?” Well, me having to pose in from of the camera does not take so much energy and I really wanted to picture the new APreciouZ necklace that will soon be available online. As you can see I went for a very easy casual outfit and a bit of color was necessary

Where do you go or what “escape” tips would you have to share? How often are you “running” away from your daily life?

APreciouz Necklace

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