Casual Outfit - Leather Jacket
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Casual in Amsterdam- a must! Due to all the cubic stones streets, bridges, people driving like crazy on their bikes, and changing weather. I spent a prolonged weekend in Amsterdam for King’s Day and as always it felt like home. A bit of background on my history with this place…

I did 6 years ago my Master there and I had the great time ever. I met the most amazing people, discovered so many new things, and that place changed my life. This is why every time I am there it feels like home and it makes me happy. Is a place that is close to my heart. In addition to the great experience I had there, the Dutchies are simply great – open, friendly, curious, and creative. There are always great place to shop, to eat, and to spend a lovely afternoon. If you have never been there yet, please do so!

Casual Outfit - Leather Jacket Casual Outfit - Leather Jacket Casual Outfit - Leather Jacket

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