Don’t you find it exciting when you are doing something that you never thought of doing and actually succeeding???
I experienced this feeling today! I know that this is not a big deal for many of you but for me is a HUGE one!
Starting with the beginning: I HATE jogging! I know it is healthy, good to keep ourselfs in shape but I still cannot get to like it. I go jogging once in a while, but always in slow motion and not too long distances…
But today, I joined some colleagues to the Business Run here in Vienna  for a 4.2 km run. (when I arrived there I hated myself more than I hate jogging) The beginning was horrible but every single step forward made me want to succeed, and I really got to the finish line! I was extremely satisfied, happy, energetic (leaving aside the part of not feeling my legs anymore, not being capable to breath normally for some minutes…)
The bottom line is: go out there and do something that you never thought of doing (for God knows what reasons) and push your limits. The satisfying feeling will brighten your day/ night/ week!!!!!!!
PS: these pics are done in Italy in one of the evenings spent with my boyfriend there 🙂

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