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    In love with colors!!! I could wear them anytime, anywhere, and almost anyhow… If you open my closet you would barely see black or dark colors. No matter of the season I always wear colors. I like the energy, youthfulness, and brightness that they give/ create. I stumbled upon these pictures that we took before our trip to Moldavia and I wanted to share with you this look. This pair of pants is often used and I find it easier to combine than any pair of jeans I have 🙂 You can add any pastel color as well as any very strong color and it will look summerish and chic.…

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    Acceptance. We demand a lot in our lives and from the people that surround us. Still, do we give in return the same? I just encountered myself with a situation where I was constantly demanding certain behavior in different situations. My excuse was “this is how I am and this is what I need”. Perfectly true, people should accept us the way we are and not try to change us (ok ok small changes here and there are accepted) But, being frustrated in not getting what I need in certain fields I started thinking “do I offer what is needed if the situation is vice versa?  Do I accept how…

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    It is  easy to judge someone else’s actions and blame them for the way they reacted/ the way the behaved. I always hear people saying “if I was in her/his place, I would have done it differently” (sounds familiar doesn’t it?) But the question is: “would you really know how you would react in a spontaneous situation?” When you have time to think about things, you can analyze all the perspectives and decide which action would be the best, but on the spot … you never know … Have a FAB Sunday with this winter look for your inspiration! H&M Pullover, Scarf/ Zara Bag/ Max Boots/ Sting Blazer/ Vintage Skirt

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    When my boyfriend spoils me, I get very creative in rewarding him for that. Know, being also his birthday, I decided to do something special. On his birthday (without him having a clue about this), I booked a flight to Frankfurt at 16:00 o’clock with return the day after in the morning. In addition, I made sure to get a nice hotel in the centre, equipped with all necessary for a romantic evening (candles, champagne … let your imagination flow) J Arrived there, I got my stockings arranged, covered by a very sexy red dress, got in my high heels and went to pick him up from the office… He…

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    Back in town and to reallity! Had spent the best time of my life during this holiday and got the chance to finally put an order in my thoughts, plans, and where I am heading to. A feeling that simply fills me with energy, optimism, and desire to follow my dreams! The best advice that I can give: ESCAPE from your daily routine and go to a place where there is nothing that can distract you…and simply let your feelings flow…let the things take their course and stop trying to influence them…   Asos: Dress/ Vintage: Coat/ MTNG: Boots/ H&M: Sunglasses  

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    Counting the last hours of the weekend… almost finished! Very depressing but what can we do??? So, herewith I am sharing with you the first outfit that I wore on our Italy escape. We spent the evening in a very nice restaurant, celebrating my father’s birthday, and dancing with all the Italians on different choreography that we wore trying to pick up from all the sweet Italian old couples around us. Italians know how to live their life!!! Hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to the week to come!!!      

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    Back from the short weekend with my BF and also from my business trip to Netherlands, and I just got some minutes to drop by and share with you my favorite dress bought on sales from Zara. The moment I saw it, fell in love completely. Very simple and complicated in the same time (like us women, don’t you think so?)

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    I just had an interesting discussion about where we all thought we are going to be at a certain point in time. Looking back at our parents history, most of us should be married, maybe having a kid or two, having a clear vision of how their life will look like… Being in all this continuously changing and developing environment, focusing on our personal/ professional development…the way I thought my life would be at 26 is completely different that how it is… But no reasons to complain about how it actually turned out to be 🙂 I will not bore you here with details, but I thought of sharing with…

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    Many times I wonder what exactly I want to do!!! I love working, and I need to keep myself constantly busy, I also love just enjoying the time and discover new places, read interesting books, design something… Can I find a job where I am supposed to walk around, interact with interesting people, read MY interesting books/ articles, and design what I want? Too many wishes right??? Until that job finds me, or me “her” I will do this in my spare limited time J For this activity I choose a silk turquoise jumpsuit paired with heels (for a bit more femininity) I am wearing: Vintage Jump suit Zara Heels…