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    FRIDAY!!! Yup Yup Hurray!!! Woke up in the morning with the desire of just staying at home and do nothing, but responsability and work calls me (every morning at 7:30!!!). Today, my ofiice e-mail wants to be on holiday too, as for couple of hours I do not receive, nor can I send any e-mails. How cool is that? I suggested my boss that I should go home, but the looks she gave me……. So, having some free time right now, and looking through my pics, I discovered these ones that I took two weeks ago (I guess) and forgot to share them with you (my bad). Have a great strat…

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    Hi Fashionistas!I wanted to share with you something very nice that I did two weekends ago. Between 4-6th of May the 10th exhibition of Mode Palast took place in Vienna, Austria most substantial sales exhibition for fashion design. The place was full of creativity, colors, joy, cupcakes, diversity, and good taste. Crowded with Fashion lovers and unique pieces. Definitely something that I will keep on frequenting. For more details click here!  My favorite: TINCHENS   I am wearing: Zara Jaket, Sandal, Blouse KaL Skirt  

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    Today is definitely too cold for my tastes! I tried dressing up warmer but still was not completely satisfied…I hope if you are in a different country that you are lucky enough to have a warmer Saturday In any case…I did went out, wearing a very comfy pair of converse together with the stolen shirt from my boyfriend, and bought some materials and got immediately back to start working…I feel very creative today 🙂 Have a great weekend !!! I am wearing: H&M Jeans & Sunglasses Converse Forever 21 Pullover& Necklace My Boyfriend’s shirt Oliver Bag Massimo Dutti Coat