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    I am so excited to go to Copenhagen today! I am “running” away for a short weekend to relax, shop, gossip, eat, and have fun! Doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? But I deserve it (at least I like to believe that I do). As I will be gone for 3 days, and will have no gadget with me (except my phone), I will not be able to update you. But as soon as I am back, I will let you know all about my trip. I am wearing: Massimo Dutti dress MTNG Boots H&M Necklace& Coat

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    Today morning I was completely panicked as I had to run out the door to get to work on time and I had completely no clue what to put on! Suddenly, I saw in the back of the wardrobe a red spot and pulled it out to discovered the long forgotten red cardigan (it usually happens when you have a very unorganized closet like mine). I paired it quickly with a white shirt and a pair of jeans; added a PreciouZ necklace and voila!!! I am wearing: MTNG Shoes H&M Jeans Zara Cardigan My Boyfriend’s Shirt BuyHand Bag PreciouZ Necklace      

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    Today I went for a very very simple and comfy look. I was not in the mood in the morning for high heels with dress/skirt and looking all elegant and lady like… I took the blue MTNG shoes (love their quality and designs) together with a simple pair of jeans, a coral shirt and one of our “PreciouZ” necklaces.     I am wearing: H&M Jeans Zara Shirt PreciouZ Necklace MTNG Shoes  

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    I am in love with Mondsee!!! It simply satisfies all tastes and desires: being rough and  powerful, offering at the same time warmth and comfort…. I am not talking about my boyfriend…no, no, no…I am talking about the place where he grew up… In Mondsee you’ve got the mountains, the lake, the old castles (ruins), the very typical Austrian architecture (here including also the “dirndls” that you see here and there on people). For my last day there I chose a very laid back look (it takes only couple of seconds to come up with it)…jeans skirt& boots& tank top. I am wearing: H&M Tank top MTNG Shoes PreciouZ Necklace…

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    Weekend is here!!! I was expecting this Friday for such a long time and it is finally here!!! On Sunday is Easter in Austria, and as we have a short “holiday” from work, I decided to run away from the city and from the stress to Mondsee (a fairytale place near Salzburg). For the way I wore the amazing MTNG shoes (one of my acquisitions from Barcelona airport) paired with a jeans skirt and a stripped blazer (to look more feminine). And of course, not to forget out PreciouZ necklace! Enjoy the weekend Ladies! I am wearing: MTNG Shoes H&M Blazer & T-shirt PreciouZ Necklace

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    Today I went for a totally laid back outfit! After couple of days on heels, my feet needed a break (you know what I am talking about, don’t you) I combined a pair of jeans with a yellow T-shirt (I know you cannot really see the color, but you will have to believe me…the T-shirt is very very yellow) and a blue pullover. As for my feet, I spoiled them in a very comfy MTNG pair of shoes (love their quality and design) Have a nice evening Ladies! I am wearing: Forever 21 Pullover  H&M Jeans MTNG Shoes