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    Last week together with my love we went to visit my dear family and to do some material hunt for our business. We spend an incredible time there, and I must admit that my bf impressed me even more. Apart from this, I also made a change that I will reveal in my next posts about the trip. But now starting with the beginning, traveling there… I choose to wear an very easy look as we had a long evening ahead of us. We took the flight from Vienna to Bucharest, and from there we met my mum and got in the overnight train to Moldavia. I know what you…

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    Usually when I come back from work I am super exhausted, and I exhaust myself even more by not leaving my work and “to do” lists in the office. I used to spend many evenings like that and not enjoying the free time. I believe that even if you are a workaholic  and you are striving for a professional goal in your life, you need to enjoy the things that life offers you.  Such as a walk outside, doing sports, meeting with friends, going to a museum, cooking a fancy dish, reading a book that you always wanted to read, creating things, meditating, listening to music and dance in front…

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    APreciouZ Photo Shoot and Khaki Dress

    Ingredients for a perfect Sunday: 1. Wake up! 2. Go for a morning jog or other sport 3. Have a very rich breakfast with all the things that you love and are healthy 4. Put on something simple, comfy and fabulous: I chose a long khaki dress accessorized with a denim shirt, a pair of nude boots, and the Mint Candy APreciouZ bracelet. 5. Go and meet up friends and do something that you do not do on a normal basis – we made our first photo shoot with a friend of ours  for our jewelry collection APreciouZ. It was a lot of fun and we made some amazing pictures…

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    Enjoying life is the best thing on Earth! Such a simple thing and yet so vital. Everybody enjoys life in their way and have different things that make them happy, and this is good. The only thing that we need to be aware of is knowing exactly what is the thing that makes US happy. We often fall in life’s “traps” of being/ assuming to be happy by doing things that the society, parents, friends, environment wants from us, and this is normal that sometimes we get lost a bit on the way 🙂 But the important thing is to find the way back to ourselves and to really discover…

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    Back in town and to reallity! Had spent the best time of my life during this holiday and got the chance to finally put an order in my thoughts, plans, and where I am heading to. A feeling that simply fills me with energy, optimism, and desire to follow my dreams! The best advice that I can give: ESCAPE from your daily routine and go to a place where there is nothing that can distract you…and simply let your feelings flow…let the things take their course and stop trying to influence them…   Asos: Dress/ Vintage: Coat/ MTNG: Boots/ H&M: Sunglasses  

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    These pics were taken in the weekend (as you can imagine it is not a very suitable outfit for the office) during a flea market in Vienna. As the weather could not decide her mood (warm or cold), I decided to wear something that fits both. Thus, the colorful short pants with the biker boots and the summerish jacket seamed to be the perfect choice. I am wearing: Zara Shorts Mexx jacket MTNG Boots PreciouZ Necklace  

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    In the earlier post I showed you an amazing place discovered in Copenhagen, but I did not show you my outfit. Here it is! When I go travelling for couple of days I always take only a small hand luggage. As I cannot stuff it with 10 pair of shoes, 5 dresses, 5 skirts, couple of pants, 20 blouses…I have to be pragmatic and take the strictly necessary. Of course, I also have to keep in mind the shopping that I am going to do there and the space they would require on the way back. Thus, some things in my outfits stay constant…the biker boots this time!!! Have great…

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    This week is simply CRAZY!!! I do not have time for almost anything!!! Still, I have to show you a very nice place in Copenhagen, called “The Living Room”. A perfect place to have a tasty coffee, a delicious “Carrot Passion Cake” (really- the best one I ever had), and a good ambiance that stimulates your appetite for philosophical discussion (at least that was in our case). So, if you are close to Larsbjornsstraede 17, you must go inside and have a look!

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    Here is the first outfit that I wore during my walk around Copenhagen! I choose something bright and comfy to move around. We had a walk around the city, we ate all the things that wore sold and smelled delicious, shopped, met some friends, made fun, and disconnected 100% from the real world that we live in and of everything that comes with it. More pics (new outfit, new places) on tomorrow’s post 🙂   I am wearing: H&M Pants& Shirt& Coat MTNG Shoes Mexx Bag