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    SNOW& FUN IN AUSTRIA! This is ahead of me and my dear friends, and maybe some of you also. You have noticed many times me mentioning about my snowboarding skills, right? Now you might have the chance to see them 🙂 We, 5 friends (2 girls, 3 boys), are renting a 11 person house in the mountain town Fügen, Tyrol, Austria. As we had some unexpected cancellations, we are seeking a few more co-tenants for the week. We have rented a beautiful cottage that guarantees you the “winter holiday” spirit, as well as the Austrian experience. Except for the great snowy days, we are also going to be spoiled in…

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    Friday is here and the first day of SUMMER!!! I was extremely excited when I realized this today morning! It gave me energy out of a sudden and joy! Don’t get me wrong, I love working late during the weeks and being busy (hahahahaha), but some working weeks are KILLING ME! This in one of those weeks! Even if I would love to stay home: sleep, eat, watch movies, read, not work, and sleep again… I cannot. On Saturday and Sunday I am participating to some events organized by 12 festival for fashion & photography. I am so much looking forward to attend them! Apart from this, I will go to…

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    Back from my crazy trips and too lazy to do anything, my girls and I have decided to spend this sunny Saturday out in the sun: drinking coffee, eating sweets, gossip, and of course take pictures 🙂 As you can see I choose for this day a very colorful Spring outfit, but I still had to take the vest over to keep me warm (the Sun is very tricky in this period). I am so happy to have these moments once in a while where I do not have to think (yes, I know….but really??? don’t you like to have couple of hours doing nothing useful????) Today, 10.03.2012, is dedicated…

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    The new season’s colors should not be only in your wardrobe, but everywhere!!! In your style, life, “mood” and also in everything that surrounds you… Thus, this is how part of my “this season” kitchen will look like 🙂 Doesn’t this just simply brightens up your mornings???    

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    Thought of sharing some pictures with you from our week trip in Austria snowboarding. Tomorrow is our last day but we had great fun!!! Have a nice weekend my dears!!!! My lovely dear Dina….who I do not see on a constant basis but she is simply amazing 🙂 we always manage to have a great fun together. My love practicing in the “fun park”!!! And some romantic ones 🙂

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    Very interesting day today, full of different events. 1. It started with a visit at the doctor (fell down badly yesterday with my snowboard)- nothing bad as far as the doctor says. He just simply sent me back on the slope and said “take care”!!! 2. Went back on the slopes (following the doctor’s advised) and continued practicing my curves (very proud of myself) 3. Tasty tasty dinner with dear friends and good Marille Schnaps 4. Sledge ride down the mountain for 2.5 km !!!!!!!!! (fun fun fun) 5. and now blogging and getting ready for bed 🙂 I hope you are all having a great week, no matter in…

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    I just wanted to introduce to you my dear friend Andra, who shares the same passion as me: FASHION!!! Her blog is all about her views on fashion and her personal style. Check it out: A girls’ “Yabou” We met last weekend in Frankfurt and after some shopping, coffee & sharing ideas, we decided that it would be great to make some collaboration together 🙂 What is it about??? GOOD question, but I cannot reveal it yet 🙁 (also because we had so many ideas that we are not sure with which one to start) But, for start up, on our last day in Frankfurt, we dressed up and went…

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    Before going in my short vacation, I wanted to share with you some pictures… As I told you in a previous post, I have been celebrating with my friends last weekend my B-day in a Karaoke bar. We had for sure a looooot of fun, don’t know how about the rest of the people in the bar tho. I have some videos, but believe me, I am doing you a favor not sharing them with you. I just have a dilemma…the point of karaoke isn’t of embarrassing yourself and “competing” with the other horrible voices in the bar? I do not understand why do you go there if you are…