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    Friends!!! So important persons in each of our lives. I got the chance to meet so many people during my traveling/ studying/ working abroad and I am very thankful for that. We spent amazing times together, have memories that I will worship forever. Last weekend we had Diane visiting us. She has never seen Vienna before so we had to do a long walk around the nice places in beautiful Vienna. We had a great time laughing, walking, partying, debating politics (with my boyfriend) and relationships (with both of us), sleeping, and just hanging around. I wished I could gather all my friends and have them around always…but then, how…

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    I love meeting like minded people…still very different interests, ideas but the basis is so similar…having the same goal… I was lucky enough to experience that again couple of days ago…got to share my enthusiasm, to hear new ideas, to get challenged…life is good when you get to do what you LOVE doing, don’t you think so?!?   Posted with Blogsy

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    These pics were taken in the weekend (as you can imagine it is not a very suitable outfit for the office) during a flea market in Vienna. As the weather could not decide her mood (warm or cold), I decided to wear something that fits both. Thus, the colorful short pants with the biker boots and the summerish jacket seamed to be the perfect choice. I am wearing: Zara Shorts Mexx jacket MTNG Boots PreciouZ Necklace  

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    I am so excited to go to Copenhagen today! I am “running” away for a short weekend to relax, shop, gossip, eat, and have fun! Doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? But I deserve it (at least I like to believe that I do). As I will be gone for 3 days, and will have no gadget with me (except my phone), I will not be able to update you. But as soon as I am back, I will let you know all about my trip. I am wearing: Massimo Dutti dress MTNG Boots H&M Necklace& Coat

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    Today is definitely too cold for my tastes! I tried dressing up warmer but still was not completely satisfied…I hope if you are in a different country that you are lucky enough to have a warmer Saturday In any case…I did went out, wearing a very comfy pair of converse together with the stolen shirt from my boyfriend, and bought some materials and got immediately back to start working…I feel very creative today 🙂 Have a great weekend !!! I am wearing: H&M Jeans & Sunglasses Converse Forever 21 Pullover& Necklace My Boyfriend’s shirt Oliver Bag Massimo Dutti Coat  

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    First featuring with my lovely A girls’ “Yabou” is about the famous and the classical “MUST” item in every girl’s wardrobe: the “Little Black Dress”. Having different styles made it easy for us to pull off two different ways of accessorizing it. I decided to spice it up with one of my obsessions: the “animal print”,  creating a more funky look. It is very “simple” and it will definitely bring all the eyes on you.   If you are curious to see how she decided to style the “Little Black Dress”, check it out here: A girls’ “Yabou”. Preview:    

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    Weekend is here!!! As you might remember, 3 days ago was my birthday. 🙂 As I could not celebrate it on Tuesday, the real “party party” will be tomorrow. My friends and I are going to a karaoke bar to show off our incredible singing talents (with other words: stay far away from us tomorrow!!!) For being sure that I am in the right weekend mood, I decided to wear my favorite electric blue skirt, combined with black to create a greater contrast. Hope you like it 🙂 I wish you all a GREAT weekend! PS: maybe I can post some of our embarrassing moments from tomorrow evening (tho, I…

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    Yesterday was a good day for Autumn: not too cold … not too warm. Therefore, I have decided that a pair of warm boots with a very warm cardigan would be perfect to my “longing for summer” short pants. Today I am heading to hopefully a productive shopping day, followed by karaoke in the evening. Fun Fun Fun!!! Have a great Saturday my dears!!! xoxo Dana