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    Back!!! Lately I am not very consistent in my postings, but (there is always a but) I have an excuse! Work (a loooot of work), traveling (not too much but still), PreciouZ (working on the new collection and on the next steps), hmmm…what other excuses can I come up with? ? ? Anyhow, as the weather is still treating us nice, I decided to wear my DYI skirt with a open back top. Have a great day ladies!    

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    Hi Fashionistas!I wanted to share with you something very nice that I did two weekends ago. Between 4-6th of May the 10th exhibition of Mode Palast took place in Vienna, Austria most substantial sales exhibition for fashion design. The place was full of creativity, colors, joy, cupcakes, diversity, and good taste. Crowded with Fashion lovers and unique pieces. Definitely something that I will keep on frequenting. For more details click here!  My favorite: TINCHENS   I am wearing: Zara Jaket, Sandal, Blouse KaL Skirt  

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    This weekend I have my very dear friend from Greenland visiting me and as always we love having long nights with some nice drinks (this time Irish coffee) and discuss about whatever comes into our heads. This time we had an interesting discussion how the economy situation is “affecting” also the length of the dresses or skirts. The basic idea was that when the economy is booming, the skirts& dresses get shorter (like in the 60″s) and when the economy is dropping, the skirts& dresses are getting longer. It appears that we are not the only ones that thought about this: http://www.financialjesus.com/interesting-economics/economic-growth-vs-skirt-length-the-hemline-index/ What do you think ladies? 🙂 PS: It…