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    It is weekend and I am ready for it! I planned to go to Salzburg and spend two eating, walking, sleeping. My body is asking for a break and this is what I will do. I will take the time for myself doing “nothing”. We live in such a chaotic world where there is almost no time for breaks, full of commitments, earands to run, friends to meet, jobs to get dome that no matter how much we want an evening off there will always be something that “needs to be done”. This is why, once in a while I take the time for myself to recover. We need to…

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    Friends!!! So important persons in each of our lives. I got the chance to meet so many people during my traveling/ studying/ working abroad and I am very thankful for that. We spent amazing times together, have memories that I will worship forever. Last weekend we had Diane visiting us. She has never seen Vienna before so we had to do a long walk around the nice places in beautiful Vienna. We had a great time laughing, walking, partying, debating politics (with my boyfriend) and relationships (with both of us), sleeping, and just hanging around. I wished I could gather all my friends and have them around always…but then, how…

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    Counting the last hours of the weekend… almost finished! Very depressing but what can we do??? So, herewith I am sharing with you the first outfit that I wore on our Italy escape. We spent the evening in a very nice restaurant, celebrating my father’s birthday, and dancing with all the Italians on different choreography that we wore trying to pick up from all the sweet Italian old couples around us. Italians know how to live their life!!! Hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to the week to come!!!      

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    Back from the short weekend with my BF and also from my business trip to Netherlands, and I just got some minutes to drop by and share with you my favorite dress bought on sales from Zara. The moment I saw it, fell in love completely. Very simple and complicated in the same time (like us women, don’t you think so?)

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    Who says that when it is raining we have to wear dark colors??? I am definitely against that!!! This is also why during this weekend, when it was pouring cats and dogs (awful weather for July btw), I decided to wear different shades of pink. Hope you are having a great week…very productive…and full of SUNSHINE!!! Send some to me as well!!! I am wearing: Zara Pants& Blazer Forever 21 Necklaces  

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    Everything is blooming around us and so does my outfit 🙂 When I visited my boyfriend last week, we went for a bit of shopping (of course) and I saw thing amazing blazer in Sting and had to get it 🙂 Good “investment” no?!? Fits perfectly to my pink pants and huge sunglasses. I am wearing: Sting Blazer H&M Jeans & Sunglasses Humanic Sandals

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    Hey Fashionistas!!! How was your weekend? Mine was very productive. I spend my day yesterday doing some work in Schonbrunn and of course I had to take some photos here and there! As you can see the scenery was simply beautiful!!! also our little new friend….   I am wearing: Humanic Shoes H&M Skirt Mexx Necklace Zara Pullover

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    Did I tell you to get used with the “scenery” because you will be seeing it a lot??? Well, here is another post shot on the way to work today morning! As I will have to run around a lot I chose some flats, but the statement jewellery takes care of giving the outfit an elegant look 🙂  don’t you think so? Also I can finally start using my spring jacket (yuppie yey!!!!) I am wearing: H&M Dress Humanic Shoes Forever 21 Accessorizes Pitarello Jacket Zara Bag Baldini Sunglasses

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    How not to love this place??? We are here in Trapani, Sicily, and it is simply amazing. It’s November and still quite warm here: 20 something degrees with wind. Trapani has amazing architecture and really tasty food. We both loved the windy ocean and the sound of the waves hitting the stone shore. We had such an amazing time in Sicily… and I am already looking forward to go back again and explore the rest of the island! 🙂 As you might be interested, we got some really inexpensive flight tickets with Ryan Air to Trapani. Our accommodation was an apartment booked with AirBnB. Have a fabulous week everyone!!! Photographs:…

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    I love the old cities situated on a top of the hill with an amazing view and cozy streets. It makes me feel like in my own fairytale castle far away from the “new world” full of wonderful electrical gadgets and technological advancements. Antica Erice, situated close to Trapani, Sicily, is one of those amazing old historic cities. It is situated on top of a mountain and is a village that is entirely built by old houses. We jumped into our Fiat 500 and drove up the mountain. Though I would have loved to wear an antique dress and go for a walk with my “prince”, I had to adapt…