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    Don’t you  simply looove this Springs’ colors? I definitely cannot decide what I like more…it is  too much for me as I want almost everything I see!!! Today A Girls’ “Yabou” and I have decided to go for the pastel colors. I went for a more elegant, good for the office look. This color combination made me feel like Summer is here and gave me such a comfy and relaxed, joyful mood…. Some people actually said that I look very tasty, like a candy 🙂 What do you think Ladies? Have a fab weekend!!! I am wearing: Zara Blazer Promod blouse Vintage Skirt Steven Maden Shoes Forever21 & Six Accessorizes…

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    Did I tell you to get used with the “scenery” because you will be seeing it a lot??? Well, here is another post shot on the way to work today morning! As I will have to run around a lot I chose some flats, but the statement jewellery takes care of giving the outfit an elegant look 🙂  don’t you think so? Also I can finally start using my spring jacket (yuppie yey!!!!) I am wearing: H&M Dress Humanic Shoes Forever 21 Accessorizes Pitarello Jacket Zara Bag Baldini Sunglasses

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    I spent this weekend in Mondsee, a fairy-tale place near Salzburg! It was the perfect environment to relax after the crazy week and also to get ready for this week!!!!! It is usually said that spring brings you in a more relaxed, happy, joyful mood, but in my case it is completely the opposite. In any case, this weekend I enjoyed the beautiful weather, having a walk on the lake, eating ice-cream, backing, snowboarding, and also going to a flea market. THE BEST IDEA EVER!!! I got from there these two gorgeous luggages that I wanted from quite some time. And I realized that the flea markets in the big…

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    This Spring colors are amazing!!! Everywhere I look I see colors colors colors colors and colors again!!! Cannot get enough of them, I want to have everything everywhere very COLORFUL! Even thought I cannot switch completely to Spring/ Summer outfits, I am still trying to get ready for it. Today I decided to wear my colorful pullover with my pink clutch and the blue flower broach. I am wearing: Buffalo Boots Spring Field Jeans Forever 21 Pullover Asos Clutch H&M Broach Forever 21 Necklace