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    Almost got through this working week, one more day to go and I am still in the same optimistic mood as at the beginning of the week. Monday resolution really did me good! I got couple more these days but I won’t bore you with them… Just keep being optimistic, believe in your dreams, and be confident in yourself and all will turn out the way you want it to. I have a motto on the wall in my room that I see every morning when I wake up: ” Wish it… Dream it… Do it” and I am trying to follow what it says. I know it is easier…

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    Who says that when it is raining we have to wear dark colors??? I am definitely against that!!! This is also why during this weekend, when it was pouring cats and dogs (awful weather for July btw), I decided to wear different shades of pink. Hope you are having a great week…very productive…and full of SUNSHINE!!! Send some to me as well!!! I am wearing: Zara Pants& Blazer Forever 21 Necklaces  

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    FRIDAY!!! Yup Yup Hurray!!! Woke up in the morning with the desire of just staying at home and do nothing, but responsability and work calls me (every morning at 7:30!!!). Today, my ofiice e-mail wants to be on holiday too, as for couple of hours I do not receive, nor can I send any e-mails. How cool is that? I suggested my boss that I should go home, but the looks she gave me……. So, having some free time right now, and looking through my pics, I discovered these ones that I took two weeks ago (I guess) and forgot to share them with you (my bad). Have a great strat…

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    I am out of ideas!!! As you all know I work in a completely different field that has noting to do (what so ever) with Fashion. Also, having very long working days and in the evening just rushing home, there is not so much time and place where to do some pics of the look of the day. Therefore, every morning (almost) on my way to work when I pick up my friend Vesela, we take some pics (if the guards do not chase us immediately away) in the same place. Thus I am wondering…how do you dear Fashionistas manage to have pics always in different places, that fit to your…

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    I always dreamed (and I still do) of having a life as in fairy tale. I love the long elegant dresses (though I cannot imagine how they survived in those periods without air conditioning and with so much material on them), walking around the castle, traveling from place to place with the carriages.   Always when I see an old kind of building, that has some similarities with the “castle of my dreams” I must take some photos 🙂 and this was the case with these doors 🙂   Stumbled upon them in Frankfurt next to a very futuristic building (interesting contrast)   The “photo shooting” part being done, we spent…

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    Many times I wonder what exactly I want to do!!! I love working, and I need to keep myself constantly busy, I also love just enjoying the time and discover new places, read interesting books, design something… Can I find a job where I am supposed to walk around, interact with interesting people, read MY interesting books/ articles, and design what I want? Too many wishes right??? Until that job finds me, or me “her” I will do this in my spare limited time J For this activity I choose a silk turquoise jumpsuit paired with heels (for a bit more femininity) I am wearing: Vintage Jump suit Zara Heels…

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    The weather is making sure that I am relaxing this weekend… Being cold and rainy, I am spending most of my time in bed reading, sleeping, and enjoying the time with my boyfriend. Here we went only shortly out to buy some sweets 🙂 I am wearing: H&M Jeans Zara Blouse Benetton Coat Jimmy Choo for H&M Bag Max Sandals Forever 21 Accessorises

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    Good Morning!!! Today looks like a great Sunday!  Unfortunately my short trip will be over in the evening, but at least next weekend I get to travel again (another National holiday in Austria). Have a great end of the week!!! I am wearing: Vero Moda Pants Forever 21 Tank top  Mango Belt Zara Sandals  

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    Today I went for a totally laid back outfit! After couple of days on heels, my feet needed a break (you know what I am talking about, don’t you) I combined a pair of jeans with a yellow T-shirt (I know you cannot really see the color, but you will have to believe me…the T-shirt is very very yellow) and a blue pullover. As for my feet, I spoiled them in a very comfy MTNG pair of shoes (love their quality and design) Have a nice evening Ladies! I am wearing: Forever 21 Pullover  H&M Jeans MTNG Shoes

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    Today is definitely too cold for my tastes! I tried dressing up warmer but still was not completely satisfied…I hope if you are in a different country that you are lucky enough to have a warmer Saturday In any case…I did went out, wearing a very comfy pair of converse together with the stolen shirt from my boyfriend, and bought some materials and got immediately back to start working…I feel very creative today 🙂 Have a great weekend !!! I am wearing: H&M Jeans & Sunglasses Converse Forever 21 Pullover& Necklace My Boyfriend’s shirt Oliver Bag Massimo Dutti Coat