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    I am not a very traditional person, but I do like all these traditions because you get to spend the time with your beloved ones. Of course you would say you can do this any time, but in real we are always busy (or think we are) and it is quite difficult to just disconnect from your daily life and spend the day just doing nothing and having fun. This is why I am very thankful to all these special days. Having finally some sun and green grass, trees, flowers in Vienna + the Orthodox Easter, together with my girls we decided to have a picnic at the Danube. The…

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    Breakfast, the most amazing meal invented! I love walking up and starting the day with a delicious breakfast, enjoying every single bite of my meal, having a bigger diversity and the time to enjoy it (mainly possible in the weekends in my case). The day starts in a better way with a long tasty breakfast in a good company where your “fresh” mind has more energy and you are just loosing yourself in fruitful discussions. I have discovered this passion of mine (yes, it has become a passion) only recently and I am doing my best to enjoy it as often as possible. Try it out…you will love it!!!