Remember I told you two post ago that I had a very creative weekend with my Friend Dunja? Well, if not, I am mentioning again. This time I am sharing with you the dress that we sewed for my NYE party! A combination of green with purple leather and an open back were exactly what I was looking for… what do you think? Did we do a good job? If you like the dress and would want one as well…just write me an e-mail. In the meantime, I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR and looking forward to the surprises of 2013 that are still to come πŸ™‚   KAL…

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    Compromises! We do them everyday without realizing it but yet, we are not that easy going when we have to do them consciously. Don’t you ask yourself why do I focus on the little aspects of life, of certain persons and loose the big picture? Why do I stick so much to have or hear little things and neglect the important aspects? I realized recently that I wanted something so badly that I completely did not consider the other parts that are more vital to me. I realized that I did not do appreciate the really important matters! And I was so frustrated…until my mum told me “in life you…

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    Back in Vienna after my short trip to Barcelona. Unfortunately, I had no time to visit the city or shop arroundΒ πŸ™ But I did manage to get something from the airport on the way back today (I will post what later on) My ladies, it looks like I will continue having a very crazy week…thus, I have to stop blogging and get back… Hope you like my today’s outfit! I am wearing:Β  Zara Skirt, Blazer, Coat Mango Shirt Bufallo Boots Jimmy Choo for H&M Bag

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    This week is definitely a VERY busy week for me. I barely have time for anything else, thus, today morning when I got out of the train to go to the office, I asked my friend Vesela to take quickly some pictures (I am sure that people here think I am completely crazy). I don’t even want to think what would say my boss if he saw what I am doing before getting in the office… hahahahahahaha Anyway…as long as I love what I am doing… Β I am wearing: Zara Shirt H&M Jeans Buffalo Boots Vintage Coat

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    This Spring colors are amazing!!! Everywhere I look I see colors colors colors colors and colors again!!! Cannot get enough of them, I want to have everything everywhere very COLORFUL! Even thought I cannot switch completely to Spring/ Summer outfits, I am still trying to get ready for it. Today I decided to wear my colorful pullover with my pink clutch and the blue flower broach. I am wearing: Buffalo Boots Spring Field Jeans Forever 21 Pullover Asos Clutch H&M Broach Forever 21 Necklace

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    I have the feeling the Spring is close by already…It is getting sunny and warm…I do not freeze anymore when I take the pictures (this is how I measure it) πŸ™‚ Also, it is funny to see the looks that I am getting from the people passing by, they probably think that I am CRAZY (I wouldn’t disagree with them). But this most probably will go away when I will not need a jacket anymore πŸ™‚ Looking forward to that!!!

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    Weekend is here!!! As you might remember, 3 days ago was my birthday. πŸ™‚ As I could not celebrate it on Tuesday, the real “party party” will be tomorrow. My friends and I are going to a karaoke bar to show off our incredible singing talents (with other words: stay far away from us tomorrow!!!) For being sure that I am in the right weekend mood, I decided to wear my favorite electric blue skirt, combined with black to create a greater contrast. Hope you like it πŸ™‚ I wish you all a GREAT weekend! PS: maybe I can post some of our embarrassing moments from tomorrow evening (tho, I…

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    HELLO 2012!!!

    A New Year started!!! First of all I hope you all had a great time and a great party, I for sure did!!! I spent my NY in Amsterdam together with some of my great friends. (thank you all for that) Apart from this I also had a great time being AGAIN spoiled by my sweet boyfriend. Also (of course) I did some good buys that I will post later on this week. Tomorrow the new crazy working year starts and my agenda is already booked by the end of the month. Unfortunately I did not manage to get too more shots of my outfits during the holidays, so below…

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    I love December!!! I love going Christmas shopping, walking around the city and seeing all the beautiful decorations and hearing the carols everywhere!!! I am looking forward to the coming weekend! Did you all get to do your Christmas shopping already? I still didn’t manage to buy everything πŸ™Β  Have a fab week!!!

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    Halloween is coming!!! I have been yesterday (after a long working day) with my friends to find the perfect outfits for the big creepy night. It was quite tough to decide in the shops due to the thousand of options, but I found one (cannot share it yet). I am so curious to see all the crazy ideas!!! Who are you going to be?! Needless to say, this season burgundy is one of my favorite colors πŸ™‚ I have so many ideas how to combine them,Β  unfortunately I cannot wear them daily πŸ™ For the casual Friday I thought it would be perfect to combine them with a long black…