No mater of the occasion I like dressing up according to my mood. I know there are all this written and unwritten rules about what to wear, how to where, where to wear but I am not such a bit fan of rules. For me they rules are made to be broken…once in a while!

I am always trying to be dressed up appropriately to the occasion that I am going to, no matter if it is a normal day or a party, but I always add my “spices“.

We all need to define our “spice“. Something that differentiates us and gives a different “taste” to the outfit…no mater if it is a scarf, a certain style of jewelry, a hat, anything that is YOURS! I am a strong believer that we are all unique but with the mass production we end up looking quite similar…this is why it is necessary to distinguish yourself apart!



animal print shoes zara asos dress animal print zara heels asos dress golden accessorisez

Asos Dress/ Zara Heels/ APreciouZ Bracelet/ Forever 21 Necklace

Photos by Michael Eichert

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