#Selfie time!!! If you follow my instagram account (kalancea) you will see that I take quite some amount of selfies in a month. But if you were to check my phone, you would see that I take quite an amount of selfies a day hahaha (kidding, or?). I even have a selfie stick that I got from my bff for Christmas last year but I have to be honest I do not use it that much. Due to all these facts, when I saw this shirt/ dress in Zara last year, I had to put my hands on it. Last year I wore it a lot like a dress, but this year I wear it more like a shirt. Don’t know why but I think it is a bit too short (the older I get the longer my skirts get). Also as the weather was unpredictable last weekend, I decided to wear a hat just in case. Was not too much in the mood to carry an umbrella around.

kalancea casual outfit selfie shirt heels jeans hat-2 Selfie Selfie Selfie


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