Red Converse Casual


Converse, who does not own a pair? So far I think I did not meet anyone who did not have at least one pair. I must admit I own 4 pairs and I think that during my trip to the US in September that number will increase (waaaay cheaper there than here). I admit the classic ones are the best to have. So easy to combine with everything you want. I once even combined them with an evening dress and I L O V E D it (maybe I put together the look again and do some pictures for the blog soon). But I think you have to own also a more colorful pair of converse. It is simply going to change your boring casual outfit in a ‘heart beat’. As I was all dressed up in black & grey the other day, I thought the best way to spice up my outfit was with my red pair of converse. On top I wore a silk scarf to pair it with them. I felt incredible and is definitely one of my favorite outfits for strolling around!

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